Like we mentioned in CONFESSION OR SLIPS OF TONGUE: ADAMS OSHIOMOLE ON OSUN STATE RERUN ELECTION, there are Yoruba proverbs like “Oun tí ń be lára ọlọ́tí náà ni ọtí ń paá mọ́ (The drunkard gets drunk upon what he already has in his body (i.e in relation to thoughts) and “Àáyá fẹ́ igi gùn, o ní kùnmọ̀ àna oun há” Àáyá (an animal, already) desires to climb the tree, (but it said) its in-law’s cane is hanging (on the tree) i.e making that an excuse. These seemed to be the points of those who strive to use in establishing that Adam’s Oshiomole is actually saying the truth intentionally or unconsciously, what’s your take? Do you know similar proverbs in other languages?  Kindly share with us.