By Oriloye Saheedah

If you are first time reader of my series, kindly read the first part of this series and introduction to the the phonological processes in order to go along with the article.

Just as previously explained under delesion, segments of a word can be deleted and we had for example, Jenifa’s intagram (instead of Instagram). It is also interesting to note that segments of sounds that are not originally in word can be added or inserted. This takes place when an extraneous item that is not present at the underlying level shows up at the surface phonetic level. It is more interesting to note that Jenifa’s insertion are predictable to a degree  Jenifa employs the insertion of the consonant /s/ whenever the voiced alveolar plosive /t/ ends a word. This can be vividly seen as shown in the

But /bʌt/ as  bust [bʌst]

Want /wənt/  as wanst [wanst]

Credit  /kredit/  as credist  [kredist]

point   /pɔint/  as poinst  [pɔinst]

weight /weit/   as waist  [weist]

beat  /bi:t/  as beast [bi:st]

We should note that it is possible to have more than one phonological processes in a single word as we have in Jenifa’s “resket” (respect) instead of rispekt, there is sound change, deletion and insertion in this word. If you get this, resket yourself!

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