by Fatimah Olayinka Hassan


The white handkerchief, fair and clear

The heart desire of every young, old

Normal birth and noble

For she carries the seal of purity


Pretty as rose-the mother of all flowers

Shinning with the sparkle of desire on the heart and eye of beholders

Rock and rolling with grace and elegance

For she is a woman of distinct characters


Fairly rose, the symbol of greatest emotion

Faultless and blameless as it blooms

Committing herself no one but her unchanging convictions

For in her blossom dwells the fountain of uprightness


White handkerchief, a land yet to be cultivated

On her, no man has built

No goat has grazed

No pest has infested

Intact remains her God given minerals

For she is the epitome of virtues


White handkerchief, a horse not saddled

She has conquered with great triumph

Her Lord attests to her strength and swiftness

For she is suitably clad in transparency


White handkerchief, a bed not climbed

Her spread, linen of glistening beauty

Not soiled by nasty deeds

For she is a woman of modesty