by Hassan Abdulbaqi

Summary is one of the sections that makes your Paper 2 of English Language. Read SUMMARY OF WHAT YOU SHOULD EXPECT IN YOUR ENGLISH SSCE Just like the name suggests, it simply test you on how to summarise. How can you shorten sentences in a passage?

You will be given a passage to read carefully and questions based on making the passage into brief words shall be asked.

Unlike Comprehension, you shall not be asked questions on figures of speech, logical conclusion or grammatical rules. You shall only be asked to answer questions that test your ability on brevity and conciseness. Read ACRONYM, ABBREVIATION, INITIALISM, BLENDING AND THE UNKNOWN: LEARN THE DIFFERENCES

Yet, comprehension and understanding of the passage is a must because it is practically impossible to summarise what you don’t understand. The questions are expected to be answered directly without any introductory information. Usually, the question requires that you write sentences, don’t write phrases and clauses. Make your sentences as simple as possible.

Don’t forget that you must not only know the answers but also how to write the answers correctly. You must put the correct spelling, the appropriate punctuations and the rules of concord must be put into consideration while writing your answers.