This class will train you on how to teach your kids business and marketing. It also gives you a free access to our parents’ community.

This class is for you if you wish to learn

  • How to get your kids started with business knowledge early and the strategies to put in place in order to make things comprehensive for them.


  • How to teach your kids business communication and make them write catchy adverts, deliver captivating pitches, address complaints, provide excellent customer service, etc.


  • How the knowledge of business boosts other areas of knowledge plus academic subjects (English, maths, civic education, economics, commerce, etc.).


  • How entrepreneurial knowledge increases critical thinking ability, effective communication skills, and language proficiency.


I am Abdulbaqi Hassan, the lead tutor at Flying Colours Communications Academy where I train kids and adults to become public speakers, fluent readers, critical thinkers, and eloquent presenters.

The major shift experienced in my academy is mainly due to my marketing skills. Being actively involved in business from childhood, I have mastered lead generation, customer acquisition, business communication, customer service, influencer marketing, media buying, and idea pitching.

These skills help me skyrocket my sales/enrollments. Anyone who understands these skills CAN NEVER GO BROKE (except Allah wills)! Marketing skills should be practically taught to kids! Due to the economic downturn, I decided to help parents gain clarity on how they can get their kids equipped with such skills.

The class is free, yes! This does not mean it will not be valuable. 

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               Look, attendance is limited and registration closes once the group gets filled!