1. Public Speaking Essentials for Business Owners
  2. Killing Your Stage Fright/Defeating Low Confidence
  3. Making Your Audience listen from A to Z
  4. Elevator pitch
  5. Customer Storytelling
  6. Ban Fillers/Word-Searching Obstacles like “as in”, “ehmm”, “you know”, etc.
  7. Sales closing strategies through communication skills
  8. Video Content creation
  9. Erasing Noises from your videos
  10. Adding subtitles to your videos without typing a word
  11. Correct mistakes without deleting any part of your video
  12. Delivering fluent video presentation without memorising a single word
  13. Shooting a one-minute video ad (The formula that brought me 1,000+ sales!)
  14. Practical sessions
  15. Video pitch challenge
  16. Brand-storytelling video challenge
  17. Customer-storytelling video challenge
  18. Go-live challenge
  19. Video sales closing

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