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Mathematics as a subject is an instruction that is used in the abstract representation of numbers, shapes, structures change and relationships between these concepts.

Before delving into the top secrets for passing Mathematics, I will like to expatiate on its relevance and its contribution to human race at large. Mathematics and philosophy are some of the oldest subjects in human history. The improvement in our thinking faculty evolved with the immense understanding of this subject of instruction over the centuries. So basically, this subject of instruction is to improve your thinking ability to real life constraints in your day to day activities.

Its contribution to the development of human race cannot be over emphasized, as it has brought to us some of the most sophisticated machines today, a foremost example being the computer. For these reasons, it has been made compulsory for all students studying in the secondary levels of their education in most countries and Nigeria is not an exception. Passing Mathematics in the senior secondary school certificate examination (SSCE) is one of the prerequisite for gaining admission into most universities in Nigeria today. There is also a reassessment in the first year of study at the university especially for students in the faculty of science and social sciences.

The question now is “how can I pass with flying colours in Mathematics?”. Based on my experience as an instructor for many years in Mathematics, I will expose you to some of the successful techniques that I have personally used for my students, which had in turn resulted  to their success in SSCE and university examinations.

The first and most fundamental requirement is to obtaining the SSCE syllabus and studying it for the syllabus is like a manual for passing any subject, it explains and exposes students to what is required and guide him against what could amount to waste of time.  According to WAEC syllabus, you will be required to write two papers namely ‘paper1 and paper 2’. ‘Paper1’, is informally referred to as “mathematics practical” because it touches virtually every topic in your syllabus. It has 50 marks allotted to it! ‘Paper2’ is the theory part of the examination where you will be required to answer 10 questions out of the given 13 questions. The tactics used to get around this aspect and the first aspect are as follows:

Some topics are constantly repeated among others in WAEC syllabus, so concentrating on these topic I will mention shortly will help you handle both ‘paper1 and paper2’ conveniently. Statistics, probability, algebraic expression (especially quadratic graph), Trigonomentary, Mensuration (especially circle geomentry), sequence and series. Recently, WAEC has started giving you a taste of your first year in higher institution by adding new topics to their syllabus. These topics have been constantly repeated since inception. These topics matrix & Determinants. The understanding of these topics above gives you a grip over both sections of your Mathematics SSCE. Kindly take them seriously!!!

Secondly, familiarizing with how questions are being asked by every examination body (WAEC OR NECO) is of utmost importance. The studying of past questions is very important in this aspect and note that in Mathematics, you can only answer what you know! Get the recent past questions (three to four years ago), compare the most common topics and concentrate on them just as I have explained above. Solve as many questions as possible on those topics.

Further, using the best materials and having access to a tutor are proven ways with which one can pass with flying colours in Mathematic. Consult textbooks that simplify the explanations and make them clearer. A textbook like D.B. Adu’s Comprehensive Mathematics is a sure bet for Mathematics SSCE candidates. A competent and dedicated tutor who do not only know but also have what it takes to make other know should be employed for assessment and suggestions.

One who fails to plan, of course plans to fail. Early preparations aids your success in all endeavors in life.The key to remembering all that you have studied is repetition. Start putting these strategies into action now for procrastination is nothing but a thief of time.

I wish you success in all your exams!!!

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