by Hassan Abdulbaqi

This is a letter that you write to those who are neither too informal like the informal letters, nor official like the formal letters. It may be a pen friend you’ve not met before, a distant uncle, your parent’s friends.

In this kind of letter, you need to write only your address just as in informal letters and you should follow it directly with the date.

5 Market Road,

Ilarada street,


2nd December, 2018.

For your salutation, the address may mention the surname of the addressee plus his title as opposed to formal letters where Dear Sir/Madam is required. If however, you don’t know the surname of the recipient, then your Dear Sir/Madam suffices.

In the body of the letter, don’t ask much questions about the wellbeing of his family. Though the language is less official as in formal letters, slangs/jokes and colloquialisms should be avoided. Your points should also be arranged in properly linked and well developed paragraphs. Make sure letter relates to the central topic and requirement of the question.

Your conclusion should be ‘Yours sincerely,’ and your first name + surname in the next line. See:

Yours sincerely,

Kikelomo Olanite.

Again, note that ‘Y’ in ‘Yours’ should be in capital letter, ‘s’ in ‘sincerely’ in small letter, don’t also forget the comma and full stop as appropriately placed in the example.


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